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Marketing Affiliate Program Terms

The Marketing Affiliate Program for Motivating The Masses, Inc., allows you, as a Marketing Affiliate, to promote one or more of our courses, programs, and/or products to your audience, customers, and website visitors through your own website, emails, and social media using a unique Marketing Affiliate link we will provide to you. That unique Marketing Affiliate link is provided only to you and is only for your use.

You will earn a commission when any sale of our courses, programs, and/or products is made to your audience, customers, or website visitors and such sale is made and completed using your unique Marketing Affiliate link.

Commissions vary depending on the promotion in effect at the time for each of our courses, programs, and/or products.  To be entitled to any commissions in connection with any of our particular courses, programs, and/or products, you must be responsible for, and your unique Marketing Affiliate link must be used in connection with, at least three separate sales of that particular course, program, and/or product, and such sales cannot later be subject to a customer return, refund, or cancellation.

Your commissions earned for sales during any calendar month will accumulate and be paid to you on a Net 60-day basis, with commissions owed being net of, and offset by, commissions on any sale involving a customer return, refund, or cancellation.  Net commissions are payable to you on the 15th of the third calendar month after the month in which the applicable commissioned sale occurred.  If a commission was paid to you on a sale which is later cancelled, refunded, or returned by a customer (an unearned commission), and if you are not entitled to adequate further commissions against which the entire unearned commission can be offset, you are responsible to reimburse to us any portion of an unearned commission which has not been offset. Such unearned commission reimbursement shall take place within fourteen (14) calendar days of when you receive notice from us regarding the reimbursement.

We operate our Marketing Affiliate Program in a fair and equitable manner, and we expect the same in return from our Marketing Affiliates.

We are happy to pay you commissions! However, you must include your Marketing Affiliate link in all of your promotions. If your link is not used in connection with a sale, we are not able to track your sale and will not be able to pay you a commission on that sale.

Motivating The Masses reserves the right to audit all affiliate sales, advertisements, and affiliate practices. We do not pay commissions on any sales conducted in violation of these Marketing Affiliate terms, not do we pay commissions on any finance charges or credit card fees.

Marketing Affiliates are not permitted to (a) offer cashback, coupons, rewards, or other incentives as part of their marketing efforts when promoting any of our courses, programs, and/or products, (b) offer any reduced or different pricing for any of our courses, programs, and/or products other than the official price set by us,  (c) resell or transfer to others any of our courses, programs, and/or products, or (d) authorize anyone to conduct their own marketing and promotional efforts separately from you but using your unique Marketing Affiliate link.

Marketing Affiliates are prohibited from cookie stuffing, bidding on or using any Motivating The Masses program names, trademarks, service marks, and/or any similar or deceptively misspelled versions thereof, or generating traffic by banner exchanges, click exchanges or other deceptive practices.

The only marketing and promotional materials, including without limit photographs, videos, sound recordings, written copy, stylistic fonts, logos, and trademarks, which a Marketing Affiliate can use in connection with promoting any of our courses, programs, and/or products is limited only to what is found on marketing and promotional materials provided to the Marketing Affiliate by Motivating The Masses, or, in the rare instance, a revised version of such marketing and promotional materials if, and only if, approved by Motivating The Masses in writing prior to any use.

The only marketing and promotional efforts a Marketing Affiliate is allowed to conduct in connection with any or our courses, programs, and/or products is limited to, and only to, the Marketing Affiliate’s own website, emails, and social media.  Marketing Affiliates are not permitted to conduct any hard copy marketing or promotion of our courses, programs, and/or products by way of newspapers, magazines, flyers, mailbox stuffing, flyers inserted with shipments of other products, or any other hard copy marketing or promotion.

The marketing and promotional rights granted each Marketing Affiliate are a limited license only, subject to all of the restrictions and terms of these Marketing Affiliate terms.  Marketing Affiliates are expressly not granted any ownership rights in all or any portion of any Motivating The Masses’ own marketing and promotion materials, courses, programs, products, trademarks, service marks, logos, and/or any other intellectual property. The license rights granted each Marketing Affiliate are non-exclusive, have been or will be contemporaneously granted to many other Marketing Affiliates, and all rights granted are subject to termination by Motivating The Masses at any time for any reason.

All restrictions on the use of any Motivating The Masses intellectual property, including without limit any photographs, videos, voice recordings, names, logos, trademarks, and/or service marks, applies to and includes the name, photographs, videos, and voice recordings of Lisa Nichols.

This Marketing Affiliate Program does not create a partnership or joint venture between us, nor does it make either of us the agent of the other. Neither of us has the power to obligate or bind the other in any manner whatsoever.  You shall not represent or imply to the public or to any third party, whether in writing, orally, or by any other means, that you have any type of partnership or legal affiliation with Motivating The Masses and/or Lisa Nichols. 

Your relationship with us as a Marketing Affiliate is that of an independent contractor and not that of employer and employee.  We are not responsible for nor shall pay, handle, or oversee on your behalf any income tax, unemployment tax, social security payment, other forms of required withholdings, or pay any employer-mandated health insurance, because an employer-employee relationship does not exist between us.   

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